Air Canada. The Canadian Transportation Agency is their best friend

In the documents below you will see the Canadian Transportation Agency ruling on the case against Air Canada. As you can see in the documents I submitted to the Canadian Transportation Agency (see here) that it is very apparent that the Canadian Transportation Agency is nothing even close to any kind of judicial tribunal quasi or any other shape or form.

I direct your attention to the opening statement by the Canadian Transportation Agency where they state that I was denied boarding due to unruly behavior? Now let me see telling someone to chill out after I was almost tackled boarding the plane and then telling that same hyper aggressive effeminate speaking male flight attendant to not even  look at me when I encountered him again is unruly behavior??

But it is very apparent that the Canadian Transportation Agency had already ruled in Air Canada’s favor before even reading all of the documents that I submitted.

I would like to take everyone back a bit to how this whole thing even got to the Canadian Transportation Agency.

After being treated like dirt, lied to and left stranded over night in Montreal I took the time out of my day to write a letter of the incident  to the CEO of Air Canada.

I gave them an email address and a postal address to correspond with me.

I had an aeroplan account that had a completely different email address associated with it.

Yet Air Canada for some strange reason accessed my aeroplan account and responded back to me via that email address. (see here)

Now what might be the reason that Air Canada illegally accessed my aeroplan account and then chose to send an email to the address associated with my aeroplan account?

Maybe checking out how valuable of a customer I was to them?

Well you be the judge on that one.

And after I did finally receive something back from Air Canada (see here) you will notice that the CEO of Air Canada did not even bother to look at my complaint and forwarded it to the legal office???

As you can see in the video (see here) the threatening correspondence I received back from the Air Canada legal counsel.

What a lovely company to deal with.

Looking at section #5 ” evidence and submissions” I clearly stated in the documentation that I submitted the hyper aggressive effiminate speaking balding male flight attendant lunged at me. Yet in the Canadian Transportation Agency in its “facts” section clearly omits this?

Now from where I come from facts are facts.

And no court or “quasi judicial system” has the right to omit such evidence.



Moving on to more atrocities carried out by the Canadian Transportation Agency.

This is of course what I based my appeal on and due to the fact that the headphone incident was no reason to deny me boarding.

As you can see in the document below (my actual testimony) that I submitted to the  Canadian Transportation Agency  I never and I repeat never admitted to or testified to such a thing.

Now for some strange reason the testimony above was change into (See section 19 below)

Into and I quote “admits continuing to use his cell phone after the service director…”


Where in the above testimony did I state that?

So not only has the Canadian Transportation Agency blatantly removed evidence but they have gone so far as fabricating it also.

I of course appealed this blatantly biased decision filled with exclusion of facts and fabricated testimony.

And you can guess what happened.

After pointing out the fact that not only did the Canadian Transportation Agency omit facts but fabricated testimony they came back with this in regards to my appeal.

Umm excuse me.

And I quote “pertain to either facts or circumstances he knew or could have known at the time the complaint was dealt with….”

The reason for my appeal to the Canadian Transportation Agency was due to the fact that they falsified testimony they claim was given by me.

Which I personally feels is a pretty strong change in facts.

Since not only is it illegal what the Canadian Transportation Agency did (falsifying testimony) but basing their whole decision on this falsified testimony.

Since if you look closely at their decision below they stated the the headphones were not the issue.

The issue was me and the use of my cell phone which I might was was legal since I was inside the terminal when I placed my call.

And the falsified testimony that the Canadian Transportation Agency purportedly claimed was my own.

So I then proceeded to contact the Canadian Transportation Agency about removing the falsified testimony made up by the Canadian Transportation Agency which they placed on their website and I should add based their whole decision on.



As you can see in the document below the Canadian Transportation Agency refusal to remove false testimony (that they based their whole decision on this case that I brought before them) and purportedly claimed was something I stated.



So you be the judge.

After pointing out the gross inconsistencies in Air Canada mistake riddled, blatantly falsified and grammatically illiterate documents then having the having the Canadian Transportation Agency base their decision on testimony they claim I submitted (but in fact never did) one thing became very apparent to me.

That regardless of how blatantly obvious something is the Canadian Transportation Agency will not even bother to read documents submitted to them and will base their decision purely on the fact that everything that Air Canada submits to them regardless of inaccuracies,errors and down right pure fabrication apparently is better than real factual information.

So in closing I want to thank the owners of this website once again from the bottom of my heart for their tireless effort and time they invested in helping me bring to the world’s attention the deceitfulness of Air Canada and the inability of the Canadian Transportation Agency to render a verdict based on facts.

So as you can plainly see people the Canadian Transportation Agency which is supposedly in place to protect the “flight rights” of passengers is nothing more than a rubber stamp for anything that Air Canada submits to them. Or maybe Raymon J. Kaduck and J. Mark,MacKeigan should instead of rubber stamping everything that is put before them spend some time to proof read documents themselves. Yes folks Raymon J. Kaduck and J. Mark,MacKeigan  are as guilty of this injustice as Louise-Hélène Sénécal is of submitting it. Good to see that the Canadian Transportation Agency is as useful as tits on a bull.