Air Canada. There are other options out there

I work in social media and often look at what is being said about Air
Canada via twitter. The same thing over and over and over again.
Bottom line it is all lip service. I will never fly with Air Canada,
this is the last time they will get my travel dollars etc etc. Yet the
same people keep coming back over and over and over again. Fools and
their money are quickly parted as the old saying goes. About 75% of
the Canadian population lives approximately 150 kms from the American
border. So if you are whining and complaining about not having any
other choice than Air Canada. Hop on a bus down to the nearest
American airport. And for those of you that do have a choice standing
right in front of you then pay the extra few dollars and stop your
bitching. Hell I travel all over the Canada, the United States and the
world. And in some cases have paid several hundred dollars more just
to avoid Air Canada and have never been happier. The few hundred
dollars I spend to avoid flying with Air Canada is money in the bank
baby. The time bank. Since once Air Canada has robbed you of several
hours of your life with their delays no 10% of your next flight will
ever be able to bring that wasted time back. So for all of the people
bitching about Air Canada I have a few words for you. You are all
idiots. Since you go into something knowing full well of the degree of
service you will be getting and you whine and complain? No sympathy
here for you. Pay the few extra dollars hop on a bus just don’t fly
with Air Canada. Since no matter how much you whine and complain about
their crappy customer service, their late flights it ain’t going to
change people. That is unless 5 hours out of your life is worth 10%
off your next flight.