Passenger complains about their Air Canada flight always being overbooked

On numerous occasions I have not been able to get on the flight I have
paid for despite arriving at the airport in excess of 3 hours prior to
departure. Each time I am told I should have gotten online the night
before to check in. However, when working in remote areas this in not
possible. When I asked my travel agent why I don’t ever have a seat
reserved for my flights back from Ft McMurray, the reply was that Air
Canada does not let them book those seats that far in advance. I book
my flights well in advance of travel as the rates from Calgary to Ft
McMurray are akin to flying from Calgary to Hawaii despite only a 1.5
hour flight.
I am very frustrated that you pay for a seat and the airline
constantly overbooks its flights out of an area with virtually 100%
full flights all day, every day. Passengers are being inconvenienced
and Air Canada is completely unapologetic about it. I don’t understand
the concept of paying full fare and having no guarantee of getting on
the flight that you booked months in advance. It’s criminal. I now fly
this route on Wxxxxxt only and have also made this the mandate for all
of my employees. It is sad that the Canadian Government does not allow
any true competition to it’s poorly run airline. The constant praise
of improved profits at the airline surely don’t consider the unfair
practices behind the scenes. This airline could not compete on a level
playing field.