Passenger is unimpressed by Air Canada compensation offer

Please I would like to have a real collaboration for this
disapointment, I went to Canada this summer. I was surprised when they
delayed the flight for twenty four hours. They forced us to spend the
night in the Airport since we have not a Shengen Visa. This delay has
cost me the missing not only of my Conference at Mc Gill University
but also my reservation hotel at Montreal. My scheduled and delayed
flight is 875 on the date of 7th of August 2012. During the next
flight on the 8th of August AirCanada has suggested for the passengers
disrupted by this plan to apply for a reduced or promoted ticket for
the coming journey using the same company. I am sorry to let you know
that this proposed plan does not fit me since it was just the only
occasion offered to me to travel. In that circumstances I am claiming
my financial and moral due.
Dr x x  bxxxxxxxxa